Say YES to your YES Book Club

My upcoming book Say YES to your YES will be available for pre-order this December 2023.

This inspirational book, teaches you how to connect to your intuition, find the courage to listen to it and continue to nurture a powerful relationship with it so you can create an expansive life that will deeply fulfill you.

The ultimate goal is to inspire you to take imperfect action towards your dreams, goals and desires.

The good news is, you don’t need to do this alone! You can join a community who will be taking this journey too, to share experiences, learn and grow together!

Everything related to my upcoming book will be hosted here in my Substack community.

This November the Say YES Book Club begins. To join, you need to chose the paid subscription in my Substack ($11/month). You can find everything once you are a paid member here on my Substack.

By joining you will get first access to my book in audio format. Every week I will be reading a piece of my book to you and publishing it as a a podcast episode here. You can also expect journal prompts to reflect on, community gatherings around the topic of Intuitive Living and more!

I’m so excited to start this transformation journey with you and for you to witness how much more joy, success, abundance and fulfillment is waiting for you on the other side of your right brain - where you intuition lives! More on that soon…

Make sure to download the free “Say YES” Bundle here which includes the Say YES guided meditation & workshop.

Lots of love xo


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